Trident Airbrush Cleaner

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Trident Airbrush Cleaner
Trident Airbrush Cleaner

A concentrated cleaner developed specifically for airbrush artists using waterbased paints. TRIDENT Airbrush Cleaner not only cleans your airbrush but also has conditioning agents within the cleaner to lubricate and condition your airbrush and seals. These condition agents help protect and keep your airbrush operating at its best for longer!
TRIDENT Airbrush Cleaner can also be used un-diluted for heavy duty cleaning.

TRIDENT Airbrush Cleaner is mixed at a ratio of 1 Part Concentrate to 9 Parts bottled water before using.
Mixing Ratio 1:9
*250ml of Airbrush Cleaner makes 2.5 litres
*500ml of Airbrush Cleaner makes 5 litres

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